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Move Easy with United Moving & Hauling!

If you are in Fort McMurray and planning a move, make it an easy one with United Moving & Hauling! It is well known that moving, may it be residential or commercial, can be a busy and stressful time. Reduce your stress during this transition by hiring a reliable moving company to take care of all the heavy lifting and logistics of your move!

If you are moving long distance, we will meet you at your new location with your most prized possessions safe and protected. We can haul your high end vehicles in our enclosed trailers and move your skidoos, RVs and boats to anywhere you need them to be.

United Moving & Hauling is more than your average moving company! If your home or business is under construction or you are a construction company doing home and office renovations, we offer junk and waste removal services to the Fort McMurray area.

We have a large fleet of trucks which allows us to offer competitive rates and meet your specific moving or hauling needs. Our customers always come first, that's why our moving company offers both hourly and flat rates to ensure you get the best value and service for your money.

Our Fort McMurray moving company offers a variety of services to fit your moving needs. Our services include:

  • Local and long distance moves
  • Industrial and residential moves
  • Storage and packing services
  • Local and long distance hauling
  • Local and long distance courier services
  • Construction waste and junk removal

If you are brave and are taking on the packing yourself here are some tips to make for a smooth moving day!

Packing Tips

  • Pack your boxes with the heaviest items on the bottom and lighter items on the top.
  • Use packing tape to close your boxes as duct tape does not stick to boxes.
  • To keep nuts and bolts from being lost, tape them to the bottom of the furniture they belong to.
  • Organize your boxes by room to make unpacking more organized and less chaotic.
  • Use packing paper rather than newsprint (or even better use bubble wrap) when packing breakables as the ink may come off on light coloured items.
  • If you are going to use garbage bags, only use clear ones to avoid anything being mistaken for garbage and being thrown away.
  • Fill any spaces in your boxes with clothes or packing paper to avoid things from breaking or moving around.
  • Treat your flat screen TV and furniture with care. We suggest using a quilt to wrap your TV and expensive furniture to transport it without causing damage and nicks.

Contact us for all of your moving and hauling needs!

If you are in the Fort McMurray area contact us for more information about how our company can assist you with your packing and moving needs! Call Us Today! 780-607-1070 OR E-mail us at

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